Electric vehicles are more and more present in our lives. Electric scooters are, by virtue of their use, the best in assimilate their combustion counterparts.

Electric scooters are a outstanding instrument to fight some challenges that plague our cities. Pollution and engine noise degrade the lives of citizens and create irreparable damage. The use of electric scooters helps to decrease these negative externalities to zero.


Another big benefit is the possibility to save fuel. For over 15 years we have witnessed a steady growth of automotive fuel usage. The electric scooter has a very low consumption, compared to a gasoline scooter. You will notice the savings in your wallet every month. The more you drive, the more you save!

Don’t forget that much of the electricity comes from local sources. Therefore, the use of electric scooters improves our country’s trade balance of fossil fuels.

Last but not least, driving an electric scooter is comfortable and fun. Once you have tried it, you will never get rid of it.


At Cooltra Motos we offer you the best electric scooters by providing you with the leading brands and services, and we offer you our renting service, so you can get started in the exciting world of electric mobility right away.

Help us to build a better world!


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