burguer One year ago the recognized hamburger seller chain has opted the delivery service. To do this, the fast food leader counts on the leading provider of mobility on two wheels. Throughout the peninsula Burger King has electric and gasoline scooters provided by the service of our company.
telepizza The well-known pizza delivery company decided in 2015 to give electric mobility a trial. How could it be any different, to this, Telepizza has the services of the leading electric scooter company. Telepizza not only saves fuel costs, but also hidden costs like a better time management by skipping the visits at gasoline stations or the external maintenance that is provided as a service from Cooltra.
uber The Californian company extends its activities from passenger service to delivery service. Among the first 4 cities, Barcelona is the pilot in Europe. So that the food reaches the client as fast as possible, hot and respectfully to its environment, UBER uses the provided services of Cooltra and its electric scooter fleet.
unipost The largest private postal operator in Spain uses Cooltra services to outsource a part of its two wheeled fleet. More than 20 Unipost delegations have enjoyed Cooltra services, both gasoline and electric scooters.
port The harbor police of the largest Mediterranean port has recently relied on the Cooltra fleet. Including the imposing Honda Paneuropeans! Home repair and answers for all issues are highly regarded in the service of the scooter rental for the police.
bureau The world leader in services of inspection, certification greatly appreciates the traffic cover part of its services with two-wheeled vehicles, instead of 4. Productivity gains are obvious: no parking payments, less time for seeking, no blocking in traffic jams and lower fuel costs. For this, Bureau Veritas uses Cooltra services to improve the efficiency of the use of its fleet.