Cheerful and warm, Malaga is a city on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its history of three thousand years, the city has developed into an old-fashioned, commercial and cosmopolitan place. In a welcoming city like Malaga you shouldn’t miss Cooltra, which offers you the advantage of visiting the city from the perspective of a native in a convenient and simple way: La Alcabaza, La Plaza de Toros, La Plaza de La Merced.

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With our scooters you´ll not only get to know a city that unites art, culture and delicious cuisine but also explore the white villages of the Costa del Sol and enjoy the splendor of its rich natural heritage that goes from the mountains to the coast where it is never winter. Exactly with 320 days of sunshine a year, the Costa del Sol has a spring-winter. The mild temperatures allow you to move around with your scooter without getting cold and to reach hidden enclaves where nature sprouts more than at any other place. The very attractive beaches have made the Costa del Sol a destination of world-class.


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