Electric Mobility




The level of pollution in big European cities is increasing every day, for this reason, more and more public administration – police and security forces, also private companies and individuals switch to sustainable mobility. In this way, the official entities together with the citizens give an example and searching the tools for a reduction of air and noise pollution of the environment.

In Cooltra group when we speak about electric mobility we do it with panoramic vision, in 360 degrees. Apart from promoting the usage of electric vehicles, we use green energy – our vehicles are charging with renewable energy sources.

Talking about the benefits, the usage of electric vehicles results a huge preservation of CO2, causes fewer pollutions and fuel economy. Comparing to normal fuel refueling electric energy is not only pollution-free but also way more economic.

After 12 years in the market, Cooltra Motos has become a specialist in electric mobility with a fleet of more than 6.000 sustainable scooters.

In this connection, we launched eCooltra – electric scooter sharing service with the biggest share in the European market. More than 4.600 scooters are working with a smartphone application and driving around five big cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Rome and Milan.

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