Do you have any questions regarding our scooter rental service? Do you need more information on choosing your scooter? Are you undecided about which scooter fits your needs? Read our FAQs – frequently asked questions – you will find all your answers.

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• Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

The security deposit may change depending on the type of scooter you rent. This fee is used to cover damages that may occur to the vehicle. The deposit will be returned at the end of the contract if the scooter does not present any variations or damages that may require maintenance or repair.

• What’s included in the rental service?

Full risk insurance with franchise, medical assistance, road assistance, maintainance, replacement vehicle in case of breakdown (only in official Cooltra shops), road tax and a helmet.

• What’s the difference between a monthly scooter rental and a renting for business?

The difference is the person who sign the contract. If this person is a particular, it’s a monthly scooter rental. If a company sign the contract, it’s a renting for business. Our scooter rental service is exactly the same.

• What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers all the damages to third parties and damages caused by third parties. It also covers all the damages caused by the driver himself. The amount of the coverage depends on the franchise and model contracted.

• What happens if I have permanence and I decide to end the contract before?

You will be charged the 25% of the remaining fee.

• What happens if my scooter get stolen?

It will be charged the franchise you contracted.

• I’m a company. Do I have to assign the scooter to a specific driver?

No, each of your drivers can drive the scooter, but only if they have a valid driving license.

• What happens if I exceed the monthly contracted mileage?

The extra km will be charged.

• What is the minimum time to rent a scooter?

One month.

• What do I need to pay in order to have my scooter?

The security deposit and the first month fee.

• How long will it take to have my scooter?

It should occur immediately. The time might vary depending on the model and where the scooter has to be delivered. 

• Do you provide the rental service even where there aren’t any Cooltra shops?

Yes, we usually provide the service in other places.

• I would like to rent an electric scooter. How does the battery work?

You can charge the battery at home, or connecting your vehicle at one of the electricity station. The time of full charging depends on the model of the scooter.

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