Through the eCooltra app, the new bicycle service joins the scooter sharing to offer an ecologically friendly transport option to those who do not have a driving license or prefer to pedal around the city. This comes with the added convenience of parking wherever you go.

Today more than ever, outdoor travel is the first option for many people, and the new launch of Cooltra’s electric bikes comes at just the right moment. From this week on, Barcelona has a fleet of 300 eCooltra bicycles, which will increase in the coming months until it reaches more than 600. This new alternative service is an addition to the offer of 100% electric scooter sharing, which has been rolling since 2006 in Barcelona and 6 other European cities.

The only difference between booking shared bikes and scooters is that to get around on an eCooltra bike it is not necessary to have a driving license and the only requirement is to be of legal age. Thus, this new bicycle-sharing service is offered as a new option of sustainable mobility for the people without a driving license who need a complement to public transport.

E-Bikes without parking concerns

eCooltra bikes are electric and can reach a speed of 25km/h. The maintenance of the e-bikes will be carried out by the same team of professionals who are responsible for the maintenance and recharging of the scooters’ batteries. This is done with vans powered by clean energy to guarantee a sustainable and environmentally friendly service. The bicycles can be used in the same geographical area enabled for scooters and the entire process is managed using the same app.

The mode to use an eCooltra bicycle is initiated by booking the closest vehicle through the app and unlocking it from your mobile phone. Once the ride is finished, the bicycle must be left anchored at a public bicycle parking―the metal structures with an inverted “U” shape spread throughout the city―and a photograph must be taken from the app to demonstrate that the bike has been properly parked. This option is an outstanding benefit of the service, since public bicycle parking spaces are very well-distributed throughout Barcelona. It provides flexibility and tranquility when moving around.

This new service will solve situations such as those of summer days, when many Barcelonians decide to go to the beach on a bicycle. When you get there, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, and you can end the ride from your mobile phone and without worrying about the vehicle. There are many advantages at once: exercising, taking care of the city air, avoiding problems and unnecessary expenses that you might encounter when driving your own vehicle.

Prevention against COVID-19 

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, eCooltra has increased prevention and sanitation measures for scooters. These measures now apply to the bicycle-sharing service as well. Nonetheless, we recommend the use of gloves, avoiding touching your face during the ride (with or without gloves) and washing your hands once you reach the destination

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