Monthly rental

Rental without “musts”.

When you move to a city for employment or studies and you need to move around, when it is a warm season you like to ride a scooter but in winter you prefer not to, when you want to try the scooter in your daily life before buying… there are many occasions when you may need a scooter but you do not want to commit an ownership. You want a flexibility and freedom which a scooter gives but without the “musts”: no worries about the insurance, buying a helmet, technical revisions … escaping the “musts” with Cooltra is called Monthly Rentals.

You choose a scooter which fits your actual needs and decide for how long you want it: only pay the monthly fee and forget about the rest. A perfect solution for the urban liberty.


  • A helmet
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with franchise
  • Road assistance service
  • Technical revisions and vehicle maintenance 
  • VAT (deductable)

What is needed for the rental?

  • ID card or passport 
  • Valid driving license
  • 21 y.o. for driving 125cc
  • 18 y.o. for driving 50cc
  • Security deposit for the scooter 
  • Proof of address
Do you have any doubts regarding our scooter rental service? Do you need more info before renting? Check our FAQs page to have all the answers.

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