More than 200.000 clients have trusted Cooltra services until now. One of our business lines is fleet management for big companies. These are the companies who day by day use Cooltra scooters for providing their services and, above that, do not worry about vehicle maintenance and full technical support of their fleet.

Burger King has started food delivery services more than 1 year ago and to make it possible chose Cooltra – a leader in mobility on two wheels. The fast food company started with a fleet of gasoline scooters but every day more entrusts with electric vehicles for making deliveries without emissions.

Founded in Copenhagen in 1901 as a small security services company with twenty employees, and now has become one of the leading companies offering facility services. ISS offers property, cleaning, catering and surveillance services. The ISS employees move around on two wheels and Cooltra offers the company mobility solutions that allow them to do it with a higher agility for providing better service to their clients.

Domino’s Pizza chooses Cooltra for its fleet in Portugal and Austria, with 300 scooters. In Portugal, the 50% of the scooters are electric, and on the other side, in Austria, Domino’s has choosen a bikes and scooters fleet completely electric. Thanks to Cooltra, the company has grown a lot in these last years, together we can achieve all our goals. 

Police of the biggest Mediterranean port relies on Cooltra with a renovation of the part of their fleet. One of the main advantages which are valued Port de Barcelona is on-site repair service and fast incidence solutions so the police fleet is always ready to act.

The Spanish leader in security services and also the first national company in this sector. The technicians, commercials and the other staff of Prosegur move daily with a Cooltra scooter fleet. Moving on two wheels makes the job easier: they can reach their customers faster what positively influences the productivity and brings benefits to the company.

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