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If you are self-employed, small or medium-sized enterprise or a big company Cooltra also has various solutions for your business. We perfectly know how important is to rely on a perfectly operating fleet for developing your business and making your clients totally satisfied. Based on that we have developed two big solutions for mobility in long-term rentals so the only thing you might worry is providing the best possible services.

Every company, depending on the type of business, daily mileage, climate specifics and other factors, needs special conditions and suitable contract type. For example, if you have picks of work and need your scooter fleet for only several months – our solution is a flexible rental when you decide the quantity of month for the rental.
On the other hand, if you need the fleet for a long term and forget about insurance, maintenance and technical revisions, the service which will fit you better is scooter renting.

It is custom-made and provides everything you might need. Above that, by the end of the rental period, you can own the scooter at the depreciation value or return it without obligations. Cooltra operates a fleet of 2.500 scooters for businesses and companies in the sectors of food delivery, courier services, security and assurance, installation services and the others.

Throughout more than 10 years of experience, we became the market leaders in the European market of mobility on two wheels. We have agreements with the main manufacturers of gasoline motorcycles such as Peugeot, Yamaha, Honda and with manufacturers of electric motorcycles such as Govecs, Scutum, Zero and Askoll. In Cooltra we encourage the promotion of sustainable mobility. For this reason, more and more companies, and also public administrations, are relying on our electric vehicles for pollution reduction in our cities.



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