Police Fleet

Between the confiding clients who trust Cooltra services, you can find police and security forces. The range of the public administration forces who outsources the fleet management is expanding more and more. In this manner, they can count on 100% up to date fleet in a perfect condition knowing that any incident will be solved by Cooltra so they only think of providing the security and safety of the city.

Throughout more than 10 years of experience, Cooltra became the market leaders in the European market of mobility on two wheels. We work with the main producers of gasoline motorcycles such as Peugeot, Yamaha, Honda and with producers of electric motorcycles and scooters such as Govecs, Scutum, Zero and Askoll. In Cooltra we encourage the promotion of sustainable mobility. For this reason, more and more companies, and public administrations are relying on our electric vehicles for pollution reduction in our cities.

Since we are experiencing constantly increasing levels of pollution in the main European capitals, Cooltra is positioned as a leader in the development of sustainable mobility. That is why more and more companies and public administrations, are betting on electric vehicles to influence the reduction of pollution levels in the environment and giving an example to the society.

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