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As a company, you might consider having a motorbike fleet. Perhaps a large fleet for several years, or a small temporary fleet. Be that as it may, Cooltra is the company that offers you two-wheel mobility solutions for your company. If there is a strong concept that defines us – “adaptability”, tell us what you need and we find the best offer for you.Your business only works during

Your business only works during the summer period, you suffer from work spikes certain months a year and you cannot afford to buy a fleet just to cover those moments … You decide how many months you need a motorcycle if you want an electric or a gasoline one and forget about everything else. The solution that fits your company is Flexible Renting.

Relying on Flexible Renting is supporting your business. It means to rely on a fleet in a perfect state and fitting your day to day needs for gaining productivity and working excellence. With this monthly rental service, you will have a fleet, the months you want, without having to worry about anything more than for your business. Each monthly fee includes a driver’s helmet, maintenance, insurance and appropriate revision. In addition, as a company or a self-employed, you can deduct VAT since renting is considered a business expense.

If on the contrary, your company needs a consistent fleet for a long period of time and wants to get rid of any inconvenience that entails by owning the fleet, the best decision will be a Fixed Rental: you choose for how many years you want to have your fleet, you pay a monthly fee and we take care of everything else.After more than ten years in the

After more than ten years in the market, we can define ourselves as leader company at European level in mobility solutions on two wheels. We work with the main producers of gasoline motorcycles such as Peugeot, Yamaha, Honda and with producers of electric motorcycles and scooters such as Govecs, Scutum, Zero, and Askoll. Above that, in Cooltra we encourage the promotion of sustainable mobility. That is why more and more big companies, as well as public administrations, are betting on electric vehicles to reduce pollution in our cities.

What is included in Rental for business?

Each monthly fee includes:

  • Vehicle maintenance and revision
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with franchise
  • Road assistance service

What do I need to do to rent?

Contact us and we will find out the best solution for your needs.

Do you need more info before renting a fleet for your business? Check our FAQs page, here you will find all the answers you need.

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